Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Morning Milking Time = Mommy Quiet Time

Morning milkings have become my special mommy time. =)  It is all in perspective, I decided. 

Morning milking went from cool new novelty… to “oh man, I don’t feel like getting up yet”… to ahh, my quiet time.  And that, my friends, is when I began looking forward to walking out the door in the morning with my milk equipment in hand (as well as COFFEE), listening to all my girls calling out to me, excited to see mommy.  

Each new day is a fresh start. It is new fresh air to walk out to; a new sunrise to welcome you; new adventures waiting to be had that only that day allows for.

As I walk towards the milk stand my mamas are welcoming me out. Well, more than likely screaming at me that they are bursting at the seams and just want that milk out, but I like to think they are saying “good morning, we are happy to see you!”
Then I walk past my little doelings who shove their heads out of the fence crying "pet me, pet me, we love you mommy!"
And then I glance over at my new girls who are calling out "mama, we are so happy you came to see us this morning, when do we get our grain!"  It is great to feel loved. 

As I settle in next to Anna and get started, I begin sipping on my coffee (Leelanau Coffee, is the best!!! A must try if you haven't). I start looking around and see everyone waking up. The Rooster is crowing, kitties are coming out to get their fresh milk, and rabbits start scratching.

It is such a peaceful time.

It is a time I can think about the day.

It is a time that I can think about my friends and pray for them.

It is a time I am able to plan.

It is time to dream.

It is time to just be still.  

As a mommy there are not many "still" times, but when I am sitting next to my girls milking, they are my responsibility and I am allowed to be still. I am allowed to relax and allow all else to carry on around me.

And then, the best part of it all is when my little people pop their heads out of the house with the biggest smile on their face, squinting into the light as the day is bright and they just woke up.

I love seeing the joy and love for the outdoors that reflects in my kids eyes when they walk out first thing in the morning.
I love seeing the smile and love in their eyes as they walk over to me to tell me good morning and fill me in on how they slept the night before.
I love seeing them take off, busy to start their full day of adventures that they are eager to start.

I love this crazy little life I have and am able to live! =)

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