Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Homeschooling on a Homestead

Ok, I just lost you with the title. I know what you are picturing. You have the stereotypical vision in your mind. I am here to show you that first, homeschooling is an amazing privilege and opportunity to spend every day with your children, training and teaching them how to grow into the adult they will one day be. It is not scary and is totally doable, FOR ANYONE! Homeschooling doesn’t mean you are weird, unsocialized, or unkept. Are you any of those things now? What is going to change? LOL. 
Homeschooling is actually easier than you think. Sure, you can make it complicated, but it can also be quite simple too. First there are SOOOO many options out there right now: video classes, online classes, full grade kits with teachers editions, tests, and materials included. There is also the option of piecing together what you want for each class book by book. It is totally up to you!

Many people worry about the socialization of their kids. Another hurdle that is so easy to overcome!  Sure there are families out there that don’t get out enough, but in the end, it’s the parents' choice. I am here to tell you that there are so many activities out there for children to be involved in, the lack of sitting in a classroom will not make them socially challenged. Church, baseball, swimming, martial arts, soccer, playground meets, library clubs, and the list goes on with places your child could have interaction with others. The choice is yours as to how many places you go and events you are involved in. I do caution though. It is easy to get involved in so many activities you can burn yourself out. Children are amazing and adaptable. If you give them the resources and means to meet others, they will! They will have more friends than you in an hour timeframe, simply because they have not learned the fear of rejection yet.  So provide a venue for them to be around others and they will be just fine.  Also encourage them to meet friends and be friendly. Don’t pass your fear down to them. Be strong, be confident, be an example!

Homestead life fits very well with homeschooling.  Do I follow a curriculum? Yes. Do I have a set amount of lessons as well as goals for my children to reach in the school year? Yes. Do my children have to do long days of school for eight hours? No, and I am good with that. They have their textbook lessons and curriculum requirements for each grade level that must be completed before the student can move on to the next grade level each year.  However my children's training does not just involve textbooks. My children's  learning also involved hands on life lessons. We do food preservation together, we talk about raising animals. We count eggs, measure milk and learn proper sanitation involving those things.  We learn weights and measurements in cooking. Life skills are just as important as textbooks in our household.

God has given us a tremendous responsibility in training and raising our children. We feel the best thing for our family is homeschooling and living this life on our homestead. It is not for everyone, and I get that. But I do want to challenge you that if you are afraid to take the step into homeschooling, don’t be! There are so many resources out there to make this journey easy.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, I would love to encourage you with it!

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